May 11, 2024

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Commencement 2024

上周六,奥尔巴尼药学与健康科学学院举行了第144届毕业典礼, May 11, 2024, at 1 p.m. at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) in Saratoga Springs, New York.

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Graduates At A Glance
  • 238 graduates total, with 290 degrees being awarded
  • 128 doctorates*, 114 bachelor’s, 32 master’s and 16 dual BS/MS degrees granted 

*More than 40% of students receiving doctorates are also receiving a bachelor’s degree

  • Students are from 12 countries, 21 states, and one U.S. territory (Puerto Rico)
  • 22-54 - ages of students
  • 10% (26 students) will stay at ACPHS for a further degree

Commencement Speakers

Mark Shaefer
Mark Shaefer

Mark Shaefer, PharmD, FCCP served as the 2024 Commencement speaker. Shaefer is a veteran in the field of HIV and antiviral pharmaceuticals. He was one of the earliest members and helped guide the formation of ViiV Healthcare. His intensive pharmaceutical experience is complemented by expertise in clinical pharmacy, academic teaching, and research.

“We are so pleased to welcome Dr. 作为我们2024年毕业典礼的演讲嘉宾,”ACPHS教授兼总裁Toyin Tofade说. “他在药剂学,特别是艾滋病研究和制药方面的广泛教育和专业经验将真正激励我们的毕业生-医疗保健领域的未来领导者。.” 

Shaefer在HIV和抗病毒药物方面的制药生涯始于Burroughs Wellcome,他在那里从事阿昔洛韦和伐昔洛韦的研究, and then moved to Glaxo Wellcome to oversee HIV clinical trials. He advanced to GSK, 在接下来的九年里,他的专业知识使他担任了更高级的职位,包括集团董事和代理副总裁. At GSK, Shaefer facilitated merger integration activities and later, as acting vice president, he led the US HIV program, co-chaired the US Commercial Strategy team, and represented HIV interests on the North American Medical Executive team.

In 2009, Shaefer left GSK to join ViiV Healthcare during its founding. There he led development efforts for a long-acting injectable integrase compound for HIV, prepared the organization to go public, and became one of ViiV’s three medical affairs heads. After five years in the initial role, he progressed to a position as global medical lead for Cabotegravir, a long-acting injectable drug for treatment and prevention of HIV. 他在新冠疫情开始时短暂退休,但后来又回到恒瑞工作, 中国一家大型制药公司,并帮助在美国成立了卢萨纳生物技术公司. There he was head of antivirals and worked on the non-oncology portion of the portfolio. He left Luzsana in August 2022 to pursue independent consulting.

谢弗还在内布拉斯加大学担任助教和副教授, 在超过75份同行评审的出版物上广泛发表,并作为多家行业期刊的审稿人受到重视.

他持有the University of California at San Diego的生物学学士学位和the University of California at San Francisco的药学博士学位. 谢弗在内布拉斯加大学医学中心完成了临床药学实习.

Charles Middleton
Charles Middleton

Charles“Chuck”Middleton毕业于Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences,获得药学博士学位和药学技能轨道药学科学学士学位. 他在ACPHS担任多个领导职务,包括担任男子足球队队长三年, president of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHSP) campus chapter, and vice-president of the ACPHS Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Upon graduation, Chuck will pursue a PGY-1 pharmacy residency at the Syracuse VA Medical Center in Syracuse, NY.

Honorary Degree Recipients

Chris Del Vecchio
Chris Del Vecchio ’88, BSPharm, MBA

Del Vecchio is President and Chief Executive Officer of MVP Health Care. As a health care executive, 他是创新和系统变革的催化剂,不知疲倦地工作,使患者的生活更轻松,更好.

Prior to joining MVP, 他曾担任医疗保健组织的首席执行官近30年. A visionary strategist to his core, Del Vecchio在医疗保健和技术领域也是一名成功的企业家和顾问.

Under his guidance, MVP因领导有影响力的区域社区联盟和致力于合作解决问题而获得认可. 从获得MVP球馆的冠名权到在纽约州各地建造健身球场, he exemplifies MVP’s unwavering dedication to customer-centric care.

Del Vecchio持有ACPHS的药剂学学士学位和Union College的卫生系统MBA学位.

Leigh A. Briscoe-Dwyer
Leigh A. Briscoe-Dwyer ’87, PharmD, BSPharm, BCPS

A former ACPHS Board Trustee, Dr. Dwyer is the system director of pharmacy for the UHS Hospitals System in Johnson City, NY. 

She is currently president-elect of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, the largest association of pharmacy professionals in the United States. She will then serve for one year as president and one year as immediate past president.

Dr. Dwyer在纽约州立大学石溪分校(SUNY Stony Brook)担任HIV和传染病临床专家,并在药学实践的各个领域工作, including the pharmaceutical industry, with most of the last 20 years in pharmacy leadership roles.  

她持有Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences的药学学士学位,以及St. John's University. 

For more about Dr. Briscoe-Dwyer, read her full ASHP biography.

Real Duteau
Real Duteau ’69, BSPharm

Real Duteau is a consultant in the financial pharmaceutical industries.

最近,Duteau在Teva Pharmaceuticals和Novopharm Ltd .担任高级领导职务. in Toronto, Canada.

He began his pharmaceutical career with Ayerst Labs in Rouses Point, New York. It was there that Duteau teamed up with ACPHS alumni, David Fox '58, to support the development of a manufacturing process for Advil. 他还在纽约和佛蒙特州的许多零售药店兼职,并最终在纽约亨利港购买了一家药店, which he maintained for many years.

During his career in the pharmaceutical industry, 他敏锐地意识到,研究和制造领域缺乏必要的药剂师来完成所需的工作. 这导致了与ACPHS院长和院长的讨论,以建立一个制药科学课程,为制药工业提供药剂师. 这次合作最终成为该学院制药科学学士学位和理学硕士学位的基础.


Graduate Stories

Morgan Gerber
The 'Cake Boss' of Inauguration

Pharmacy student Morgan Gerber, a self-taught baker, made the cake for President Tofade's Inauguration. 她的副业在校园里一直是半秘密的,直到活动和黑豹队见识了她的作品.

Students standing in mock pharmacy
Japan is Back in Rotation

通过与昭和大学的协议,ACPHS学生可以在东京完成临床轮转. After a four-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the rotation has been reinstated. Kaito Tsutsui and Atalya Morgan were the first two ACPHS pharmacy students to return to Japan in May 2023. Tsutsui intends to work as a pharmacist in Japan in the future. 学生们比较了两国医疗系统的差异,并对美国医疗系统中较高的自付费用表示担忧. The opportunity allows for professional growth in a different cultural setting.

A Podcast on TV
Pharmacy + Gen Z = A Podcast

In the PharmZ podcast launched in August, Austin Lewerk and Dylan Knapp 开玩笑说自己是90后,在念药学院,思考未来.

Mikayla and Tom
Rotation Produces Unexpected Effects

Among more than 500 rotations that PharmD students may choose is one at a local cannabis dispensary. ACPHS was likely the first in New York to offer such a rotation, which allows budding pharmacists to practice at the top of their license.

Gianna Franco
PharmD Candidate 'Dances' Again

Act I: The Stage Goes Dark It happened during the last run of a long day’s rehearsal. Gianna Franco 在曼哈顿的天才无限高中读11年级,是保罗·泰勒舞蹈团的一员. A natural talent pursuing her calling, she never thought twice about her next step.

Ryan Haak
An Inspiration to His Team

When he qualified to run at the Penn Relays, Ryan Haak '24 never expected to make it to finals. 但他有史以来最好的比赛让他做出了一个决定:为自己参加全国精英水平的比赛, or unite with his team for a USCAA victory?

Panther Profiles

Shloka Suresh Sahetya
Shloka: Sharing Her Culture With Campus

Shloka Suresh Sahetya comes from a family of pharmacists. She chose ACPHS for her own pharmacy education to experience life outside her native India, with the support of a close-knit campus. She has made strong friendships and supported DEI efforts.

Ellis Simmerly
Ellis: Engagement To Leadership

P4 Student Ellis Simerly discovered his career path in part through involvement in campus activities. 他分享了自己对全力以赴的价值的看法,一旦你找到了最适合你的团队. "Your choices make you who you are," he says.

Britney Mbeng
Britney: Becoming A 'Public Health Pharmacist'

Britney Mbeng ’21 holds a bachelor of science in pharmaceutical sciences, with a minor in public health, and is pursuing her doctorate in pharmacy. She grew up in Brazil, then enrolled in the pharmacy program at ACPHS but was unsure if it was right for her. Over the last year, 她发现她可以将这个领域与她对服务社区和沟通帮助他人的热情结合起来.

Samantha Marion
Samantha: Greek Life At ACPHS

Samantha Marion is a senior in the Pharmaceutical Sciences program, a resident assistant, thrower on the track team and vice president of the Phi Delta Chi pharmacy fraternity. She shares what she has learned through participation in Greek Life.

Desirea Harder-Neely
Desirea: Enhancing Her Med-School App

Desirea Harder-Neely came to ACPHS with two bachelor's degrees under her belt, looking to boost her application to medical school. She found a supportive community and a place to call home for perhaps a few more years.

Jonathan Braithwaite
Jonathan: A Pivot To Make Change

Though he originally visited ACPHS to prepare for med school, 乔纳森将于5月获得公共卫生学士学位,并将继续攻读该领域的硕士学位. Learn how his experience here cemented his commitment to public health.

Landon Thompson
Landon: Research Excellence

Master's student Landon Thompson '24 has spent four years contributing to work that seeks a new pathway to cure HIV. He has taken the potential impact of the work seriously, asking himself, "What if I just contribute one small step?"

Charles Middleton
Charles: Defining the Class of 2024

Charles (Chuck) Middleton is a pharmacy doctoral candidate in the Class of 2024. During his six years at ACPHS, he has been captain of the men's soccer team for three years, 美国卫生系统药剂师协会校园分会主席,学生运动员咨询委员会副主席. 毕业后,他将成为纽约州锡拉丘兹退伍军人医疗中心的一名药房居民.

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